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Development market for precision casting processing
Edit:Ningbo Yinzhou Rei Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-10-16

Precision casting is a fusible material made of specially designed refractory coatings. After drying and hardening to form a monolithic shell, then the model is melted from the shell with steam or hot water, then the shell is placed in the flask, filled with dry sand around it, and finally the mold is placed in the roaster after roasting at high temper temperature , the development of precision casting processing, casting or shell casting, where molten metal is poured.

The precision, complex and near-final shape parts obtained by precision castings are rarely processed or directly used. It is an advanced technology in the near net form and is an excellent technology in the foundry industry. It is widely used. It is not only suitable for various types of alloys of various castings, but also produces precision of castings. Surface quality is more difficult than other casting methods, and even other casting methods are difficult to cast. High temperature, difficult to process castings, can be used for investment casting. .

Development market for precision casting processing

At present, the world's investment casting process is rapidly developing and widely used. From the current situation, the future development trend is that the casting products are closer to the parts, and the traditional precision castings are blank, which has not yet adapted to the rapid market pressure. The complexity and quality of components are getting higher and higher, research and development methods are getting stronger and stronger, professional collaboration is beginning to emerge, and the application of CAD, CAM and CAE has become its main component product development technology.

From the current development situation analysis, the application of investment casting technology is very extensive, and the future development prospects are broad.