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What are the optional materials for CNC die casting for different performances?
Edit:Ningbo Yinzhou Rei Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-10-16

CNC die-casting processing, regardless of the size of the CNC die-casting process, when the mold needs to be repaired from the mold, the purpose is to make the CNC die-casting shape more accurate and meet the appropriate standards. This process can be used to modify the way or more, and we can learn from the following commonly used ones. CNC die-casting is a very typical CNC die-casting process, which is formed by the casting process, so all aspects of performance are better. In order to focus on different performances, generally when using materials to start, then CNC die-casting optional materials?

What are the optional materials for CNC die casting for different performances?

(1) CNC die-casting processing may be partially soft in the mold. For this type of repair, as long as the CNC die-casting knife strokes and then use the tool and then restart it. While the rubber parts in both parts may be damaged, you need to use a glaze on the sand and its grinding.

(2) Different types of defects used in casting are different. If the area is large, but the groove is not deep, the first part of the material needs to be excavated, then refilled and leveled to obtain a good surface quality.

(3) CNC die-casting can be used for more materials. These materials can be used to meet medium load and speed requirements. For example, bushings, gears, worm gears and other wear parts are also used. CNC die-casting is a typical tin-phosphorus bronze. Due to its high hardness and wear resistance, it is suitable for manufacturing heavy-duty, high-speed and high-temperature working parts.

(4) Aluminum bronze is also one of the main materials for CNC die-casting. It has high strength, compactness and chemical properties. The production of nuts, pipe fittings and other components will also be used. It is a high-strength aluminum brass, the highest strength in special brass, and is therefore used in heavy machinery for casting wear and high load wear parts.

(5) The use of aluminum alloy CNC die-casting in daily production is becoming more and more common, and its use is still large compared with other components. Under the premise of satisfaction, in order to ensure the quality of CNC die-casting processing, its use of mold has a great relationship. Then the question is, what are the requirements for aluminum alloy CNC die-casting?

(6) Since the temperature and pressure of the aluminum alloy mold are much larger than that of the plastic, the correctness of the design has strict requirements, so the first such mold cannot have a concave tip, avoiding chamfering when using the mold. . Although the precision of aluminum alloy CNC die-casting processing is relatively high, it is still worse than plastic, so the structure of the mold cannot be too complicated. If the workpiece itself is more complex, you can consider breaking it down into different parts of the production.

(7) For the screw hole on the CNC die-casting process, it will not be directly displayed on the mold. The mold generally has only conical pits, and then enters after processing, so a certain amount of processing is left. Since the surface of the aluminum alloy CNC die-casting process is anodized, it is difficult to replace it with a fuel injection or a spray, and the quality of the CNC die-casting process is further improved.