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Technical standard for forging processing
Edit:Ningbo Yinzhou Rei Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2017-09-29

Do you know anything about the technical standards of the forging industry? Today, Hebei Ruirui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduces you to this aspect. I hope that through the introduction of this article, the technical standards for forging processing, we can update the technical standards and other aspects of the content to have a certain understanding and understanding. :

Forgings manufacturers found that Hebei Ruirui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hebei Ruirui Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of forgings, with first-class professional team, professional equipment, exquisite forging process. It is necessary to establish coal mine series, auto parts series, oil exploration series, railway series, military agriculture series, product coverage of the entire machinery industry, especially large forgings and other products. It has a unique competitive advantage in the field of forging processing.

Therefore, Hebei Ruirui Machinery has great advantages. It is recommended that when you choose now, the situation of the forging processing industry can better understand our company.

More concerned: forging processing is the forging processing classification of Hebei forgings processing plant

Forgings processing manufacturers talk to you today about free forging processing, free forging processing equipment is divided into hammer and hydraulic machine two categories. The hammers used in production are air hammers and steam air hammers. The hydraulic press is a liquid made of static pressure, which deforms the billet and is a large forging. It is the method of selecting large forgings. The basic processes for free forging machining include upsetting, drawing, stamping, cutting, bending, twisting, dislocation and forging. Also known as extension, the cross-sectional area of ​​the blank is reduced and the length of the forging process is increased. Traction length is commonly used for forging rods and shaft components. The quality of forgings processing is in a certain sense, on the one hand, the quality control of forgings forgings, large forgings, and on the other hand, the technical standards for forgings are continuously updated to indicate the direction of improvement in the forging process to ensure that the quality of forgings meets the technical standards for forgings. Requirements, and in line with the design, processing, forgings processing plant is a company specializing in "forging processing, processing machinery parts". Since its inception, we have adhered to the principle of “honesty, sound management” and have the courage to participate in the benign competition in the market, so that we have a good reputation. We adhere to the principle of "service first, customer first". Forgings processing forgings has won the trust of customers and established a good corporate image.

Technical standard for forging processing

The above points are about "the status quo of the technical standards of the forging processing industry is constantly updated". I believe that after reading this article, I will also understand the technical standards and keep updating in the future. This is a good solution. Here, we recommend that you Learn more about Hebei, Shijiazhuang, auto forgings and other related information, I hope to help you!


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